Know Him, Love Him, Serve Him

Our Sunday Special Groups

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To give parents the opportunity to join our Sunday Service, we provide a safe and playful environment for even the youngest in your family. Parents are welcome to stay with their kids, if they like. The Crèche is for all pre-school kids.

Jam, Rock & Roll

Jam stands for ... and is for kids Junior/Senior Infants.


"Jesus and Me"
(4 years to Senior Infants)
In the youngest group the children discover that Jesus is their friend!

Rock stands for ... and is for kids 1st to 3rd class


"Researchers of Christ’s Kingdom"
(1st-3rd Class)
As the children get older their reading and comprehension skills develop. They start to explore the Bible more and investigate for themselves who Jesus is, why he died, and what this means for their lives.

Roll stands for ... and is for kids 4th to 6th class


"Reflecting Our Lord’s Love"
(4th-6th Class)
As their relationship with God develops the children start to think about how they should react to God’s great gift of Jesus. They consider what it is to put their trust in God, and how they should reflect Jesus’ perfect life and love every day.

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Dig Deep

Dig Deep is for teenagers in 1st - 3rd year in secondary school, where we aim to go a bit deeper into the bible, grow in our faith and get to know each other better.  It meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.  

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Our Children

We believe that families are the core of spiritual development. It is our job to come alongside parents and provide tools, tips, and opportunities to encourage spiritual development at home.

Our Vision

That children will begin a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To partner with families as a nurturing, biblical community that provides child-relevant and age-appropriate opportunities for children, so they can come to know God, learn to love Him, and be equipped to serve Him.

Our Helpers

All our Sunday Special and Crèche helpers are Garda-vetted in line with the Presbyterian Church of Ireland guidelines and have attended child protection training.


Child Protection Form

To help us to provide a safe environment for your child, please fill out the form below for each one of your children attending our Sunday Special on a regular basis. You have also the option to fill out the form when attending our Sunday service. Thank you for your cooperation.

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