Frequently Asked Questions
about DPC

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I’m not a Presbyterian or from a Presbyterian background, is it okay for me to come along?

Absolutely. Very few people who are part of the Church are from a Presbyterian background.  We are a Christian Church open to everyone.

Is it okay if I pop in to have a look some Sunday?

Yes.  We’re delighted for anyone to come and visit us as many or as few times as they like.

Why do you meet at the Community Centre?

As we’re a relatively new Church (we started nearly seven years ago) we don’t yet own our own building. We hope to someday but for now we are making our home at DPCC. 

I’m not sure if I believe in God but I’m trying to find meaning in life. Can I come to the church anyway?

Yes. We exist to help people to think through the big questions of life in a non-threatening and open way. We think God provides the answers but there’s no pressure on anyone to believe anything they are not comfortable with.

What happens on Sundays? 

There are usually over a hundred people there. There’s some songs, prayer led from the front, sometimes video clips, reading from the Bible and a Bible talk. There’s tea and coffee afterwards.

Might someone put me on the spot to say something if I turn up?

Definitely not.

Are my children welcome? 

Of course. Our main meetings begin with all ages and after ten minutes or so the kids go to crèche and kids' club while the adults are together in the main service.

I’m not very religious or holy, am I welcome at Church?

When you get to know us at the Church, you’ll realise we’re not very holy either. We believe in a holy God who invites unholy and broken people to enjoy him and find new life.

I can’t make Sundays. Is there any other way I can connect with the Church? 

Yes. We have midweek bible study groups on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for anyone who would like to be in one. We also run introduction to Christianity courses. If you would like more info on any of these, please head to our contact page.