Our Team


Rev. Andy Carroll

DPC / Minister (Bible teacher & pastor)

Andy is our minister (that's what we call our full-time teacher and pastor).  He is from Glasnevin in Dublin and is married to Victoria.  They have a son, Reuben, and a daughter, Martha. Andy didn't grow up going to a Church but became a Christian when friends of his invited him to their Church.  He loves trying to help  people understand God and the Bible.  He enjoys going for dinner with Victoria, and playing with Reuben and Martha. He's more passionate about Liverpool FC than a man of his age should be.

Josh McCance

DPC / Community Outreach Worker

Josh is from Holywood, County Down and is married to Kathryn. Josh grew up around Church, but only became a follower of Jesus as a teenager when he realised that faith involves a personal relationship with God. He loves to chat with people about faith and how it’s part of every day life. Josh also loves spending time with Kathryn, holidays, reading, the odd gym session, and an Americano.


Ann Reid

DPC / Administrator

Ann is the church's part-time administrator.  She has four grown-up kids, James, John and twin girls, Deborah and Rebekah.  She's from Dublin and now lives in Rolestown.  Ann became a Christian in her late teens and has seen God's kindness to her over some tough years as a single parent.  She loves reading, walking, gardening, spending time with friends and she's currently studying for a masters in theology.


Our Team of Elders


Tom Davison

Tom loves to worship God by singing. He and his wife, Heather, can't believe that their two kids are now college age. "We still think we are in our 30's!" He still has his Belfast accent despite living away from there for over 20 years. Tom says: “After a lengthy period of poor mental health, I re-invented himself as a Maths tutor.  I find algebra therapeutic!” He believes that it is out of our brokenness & vulnerabilities that we are able to live as God intended and really connect with one another.



Darren Egan 

As well as being an elder, Darren is the Church Treasurer.  While growing up in Greystones, he regularly attended Church, but has had many ups and downs over the years as a Christian.  He is married to Tracey and they have twins, Emily and Ben.  Darren has taken up triathlons in an attempt to maintain some level of physical fitness and his family have shown great patience as they wait for him to cross the line behind most of the rest of the field.



Nina Gaston

Nina is one of our elders and, is married to Tim, another of our elders.  She lives in Portrane with Tim and their teenage son Ben.  Nina comes from Co Antrim but has lived in Donabate/Portrane for 14 years.  She loves reading and hiking in the mountains - just not at the same time!



Tim Gaston

Tim is an elder and is married to Nina, who is also an elder. Tim has been a Christian for roughly half a century, having had the blessing of Christian parents who trusted God and raised him to put his faith in Jesus Christ. Tim and Nina have one son, Ben, and all three enjoy sports of various kinds. Tim is a keen cyclist, enjoys skiing, and does the Newbridge park run regularly.



David Hamilton

David is married to Evelyn and lives in Portmarnock. With four children and two grandchildren, life is rarely boring! Having spent much of his youth on holidays in Donabate (his father owned a caravan park), David is delighted to be again reunited with this beautiful part of north county Dublin. Retired from business, David loves working in many different ways as a volunteer. Also, freed up from business, he has the opportunity of pursuing theological training that engages head, heart and hands leading to practical application of Biblical truths in modern Irish life.



Nathalie Hand

Nathalie was born in Mauritius, grew up in South Africa and in 2001, she and her husband Damian moved to Ireland. They have three children; Daniel, Jessica and Ben and have been living in Donabate for the last 14 years. Nathalie and her family have been involved in DPC since it first started up and were so delighted to find and join a wonderful church community on their doorstep. Nathalie loves to spend time with her family, read, walk the dog, meet friends for a cappuccino and play the guitar.



Ingrid Harley



Bruce Harley

Bruce loves living in Donabate, the day-trip destination of his youth while growing up in Tallaght.  He has been part of DPC since its infancy and is excited to see God at work, building a community.  He enjoys the hustle and bustle of family life with his wife Ingrid and their five children.  Perhaps as a consequence of a very sporty house, he spends much of his free time at the GAA pitches, where he is mentor of one of the juvenile hurling and football teams.