Summer Reading

For some of us, summer affords a few extra free hours in the week.  It hopefully will mean a chance to use our time for godly rest and restoration.  One element of that is for us to take the opportunity to hear from other Christians who write about matters of faith and life.  We’ve had a little refresh of our Church library which is rolled out each Sunday for you to browse and borrow books as you’d like.  There’s now a small section entitled ‘recommended summer reading’ which may help you narrow the choice down.  Below, also, is a short list of blogs and sites that you might find helpful on your commute, in an airport, waiting for kids, by a pool, sitting around the house or whenever. 

Aimee Byrd blogs at Mortification of Spin under the name Housewife Theologian.  She writes about (among other things) friendship, marriage and singleness.

If you’re interested in tackling hard questions to do with faith, William Lane-Craig addresses a new question about Christianity and belief from a reader each week at  There are now over 500 entries in the Q&A series.  Some of the discussion is complex but it’s worth the effort.

The Gospel Coalition Blog features a range of bloggers who write on a diverse array of topics.  It’s US-based but many of the issues they address have relevance to us.

Regular preacher at our Church, Kevin Hargaden blogs at Creideamh.  Kevin has opinions and he’s not afraid to share them!

Lore Ferguson Wilber brings a quirky and wise take on Christian faith at

Irishman, pastor, and all-round good guy, John-Mark Mullan, blogs at on the interaction of faith and culture. 

Finally, a reminder of the excellent website The Bible Project which is not a blog but a huge resource of video animations that teach the entire Bible in helpful 8-minute chunks.