Evelyn's story

Early childhood for me was being part of a loving Irish family. My parents brought the family of five children to Mass regularly, raising us to love God and our neighbour. In my early 20’s I perceived that Religion, with its rules and regulations, was not for me. I had a great job and spent time socialising and enjoying travel adventures with my friends. However, there was a part of me that was dissatisfied with my life and I began searching for meaning and fulfilment. This led to doing a degree in English and Philosophy in UCD.  It was during that time, over many discussions of life in the Student Canteen, that my journey of faith began. I met lots of other students who spoke about their faith as something compelling, influencing how they thought and made decisions. It seemed to be a personal faith which made me curious to explore their experience.

An opportunity arose to attend a major Christian event in Dublin presented by an international speaker. The talk focused on the role of Pontius Pilate during the trial of Jesus Christ. The speaker drew out how Pilate did everything to avoid making a decision on who Jesus was, even down to washing his hands of him. For the first time I understood the reason why Jesus died and was challenged about my lack of response up to that time. I knew I had to look again at the claims of Jesus as outlined in the Gospels. I, like Pontius Pilate was sitting on the fence. From then on, I was eager to learn of what it meant practically to be a Christian. This led to meeting with a group of people who looked at the Bible weekly in a group. I was welcomed to join them and with their patience and understanding, I began to read the Bible for myself.

With a growing understanding of who Jesus was I chose to follow Him. I was 26 years old. I know from that day on I was never the same again. New life filled me and gave me a whole new perspective. I now wanted to please God in every area of my life. I believed he loved me and that the principles in the Bible for living were for my good. My husband whom I married 3 years later, shared my faith and together we have sought to serve him and have found the fulfilment which I had been seeking. God promises us "a future and a hope", these are to be found in him and in living for him, this has been my experience over the last 35 years, he has been faithful to me and I hope I can be faithful to him.